Bluebells for Remembrance


Early April at Hembury

April has been a month of transition in many ways.     Photos taken early in the month showed leafless trees and grey skies, and towards the end of the month there was some stunning greenery around, and the occasional clear blue sky.


My first sighting of duckings on the river

I hoped to see more ducklings, and early April provided  this treat. Since then I’ve seen many pairs of goosanders, mallards and the fun Mandarin ducks, but no more ducklings.

And as the month has gone on, one of my close friends has been defeated by the combination of cancer spreading, and the effects of chemotherapy on her body. Jeanne was a friend from my days in (Post Green) community, heady pioneering days into a whole new way of living and loving. It was a very formative time for me, without it, I doubt I would have found my way to where I am now.


Jeanne at Lamorna, back in the days….

I have struggled to find anything else to write about, and as it’s April 30th, and I’m committed to a monthly blog, this will be a short tribute to our friendship. Jeanne was an important friend, someone I could share my spiritual journey with and be understood, someone I could be myself with and have fun, and someone I could share my interests in art, tennis and nature with too. I think what I will miss the most though, is the memory of sharing our spiritual journeys together.

The one thing I’ve remembered from my reading this month is Cynthia Bourgeault speaking about her spiritual friend and mentor, Rafe, telling her to “find the place in you that lives beyond death”. I think of that often, it’s the ultimate teaching on letting go.


That stunning beech green, late April at Hembury

So, thank goodness everything is growing and greening like mad, albeit with a few early morning frosty hiccups. Bluebells and ransoms are competing with their powerful fragrance.  There are beginnings and endings going on all the time.


Bluebells in the woods at Dartington


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