New Year’s Resolutions

I guess it’s not surprising that a retreat might feature on a New Year’s Resolution list (note the capitals). That’s considering the flurry of enquiries I had on New Year’s Day and shortly afterwards. Completely unprepared this year, we were going away for a couple of days, so I had to turn down the one serious enquiry. And like most resolutions made at this time, the other enquiries fizzled out. But still, I might try and be a bit more prepared next year.
We saw the New Year in downstream from Totnes. Took little Snow Feather out for a night-time motor down to Ham Point, where we lit a fire, cooked bacon and ate it with champagne fried bread. A new recipe, devised carefully by Stephen not knowing the bottle was already open, so that the contents spilled onto the bread and soaked in nicely by the time we arrived. To counter the damage he fried the bread, and it was really rather tasty. The glorious moment was listening to tawny owls calling to one another in the trees so close it seemed we should see them. The moon, almost full helped us on our way.
Yesterday (Jan 14th) I swam in the river on a bright sunny morning. The current, pre last night’s storm, was manageable, and I was able to swim further upstream. As I floated back down, watching the sunlight on the water, and enjoying the moment, I made a sort of resolution, more of a desire really, to simply tread a bit lighter on the earth, so precious these moments of natural beauty are.

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