Things are looking up….

It’s Adam the tree surgeon up there

Not that they were looking down at all. Although I kept my eyes discreetly down as I arrived at Still Pool the other day to see a naked man just emerging from the water. Turns out he’s a friend of Claire who I occasionally meet swimming, and so taken with his enthusiasm, I too stripped off and swam up and down the edge (yes the river is a bit full right now). It was great to be back in again after a few weeks break. I love it.

new opening in the retreat space

A new friend Abigail said to me the other day that it was my enthusiasm for what I’m doing that touched her the most. It was helpful to be more conscious of it. So when I was introducing my first study group on Friday, I focussed on my enthusiasm. Which is rather amazing, since  it’s on “The Wisdom Jesus”. This is the title of a book written by Cynthia Bourgeault, an Episcopal priest and teacher, whose “Wisdom School” I attended recently in New York State. It was an inspirational time which unexpectedly has given me a very clear focus for moving forward with what I want to offer here.

Over the past 30 years, whilst I’ve been exploring every other possible spiritual avenue, so much incredible new thinking about Christianity has been going on, and I’m lapping it up. Cynthia Bourgeault is someone who has pulled it all together in her books which I recommend, with the same enthusiasm as I recommend swimming in the river – not for everyone, but worth a try!

             new view to the south east

And whilst the brain cells are opening up to new insights, I’m also physically looking up at a lot more sky. I almost didn’t buy this property because of the dark overgrown garden. It’s not big, and it felt even smaller when filled with overgrown birches, alder, yews, an assortment of conifers, saplings, and a sprawling laurel hedge. This past two weeks, Adam the tree surgeon has been here felling some trees, pruning and lifting tree crowns, and chopping back the overgrown hedge. This too has been inspirational.

new view to the west

Now I have views – to the east over to the fields on the Dartington Estate, and to the west the evening sky. It’s great to have distant views again, something I was missing without realising it. It kind of fits the mood. A sense of a larger picture emerging here, with new views opening up both inside and out.

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